About TTC

The Timeschain Coin (TTC) provides various internet services and cyber money, points, Mileage (reserve), etc., with a cryptographic token based on the blockchain.

TTC also supports exchange of various On-line payment methods, Blockchain, and the exchange of TTCs and Other payment methods. The aim is to record the ledger for issuance, distribution and allocation of cryptographic currency.

TTC aims at the blockchain mainnet as its final goal, and will service through the 'TCC platform', a trading system through cryptocurrency tokens, until the mainnet is completed.

Key features of TTC

Payment ecosystem composition

Online / Offline Payment Support

Blockchain based Payment history distributed storage

Ecosystem Operation Support

Value Exchange with Commercial Platforms

Transfer and Approval of P2P and B2B

Transparent management system

Transaction information of TTC provided by API

TTC burn to ensure liquidity


TTC Ecosystem Service

Acquisition of TTC

- Sales Promotion ( Token Sale )

- Internet contents service mining pool linked with TTC (Games, sound recordings, advertisements, etc.)

- Exchange and Purchase : Cyber Money, Points, Reserves, Miles, Digital Gift Certificates, etc. on Partner Services Platform

- Cryptocurrency exchanges and transfers between individuals (P2P)

Use of TTC

- Affiliate services : Payments of Online shopping malls, Content merchandise, In-app and Digital gift

- Settlement Agency : On/Offline direct payments via the QR code

- Direct payment via the cold wallet (like a credit card)

- Cryptocurrency exchanges and transfers between individuals (P2P)

Interworking of TTC platform

- Commercial payment platform for offline stores

- Online payment solutions

- TTC Hot wallet

- API for Content affiliated with TTC

API information provided by TTC

- Cryptocurrency transaction information

- Blockchain Transaction Inquiry

- Information on cyber money, points and reserves used in affiliate services

- TTC information obtained through affiliate promotion (ex, Air-Drop)

TTC Platform

TTC platform complies with the technical structure of the Ethereum blockchain,Provides the hot-wallet Dapp optimized for smartphones.

Technical details and Dapp

TTC consists of three layers and works on the TTC platform.
Each layer is independent, but they work based on smart contracts for strong interworking
TTC Hot-wallet acting as the final terminal of TTC platform and Performs all of the universal cryptocurrency wallet features.

  • TTC Usage history and real-time quantity information
  • Support of Interpersonal transactions and Free External Withdrawal
  • Create personal QR code and recognize QR code from external wallet

TTC Layer 1

The first layer is the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC-20 based on smart contract.
TTC Which is the most widely used and safely stored Protocol based on ERC20, The transaction history of the TTC, It is made available through a blockchain and makes it easy for third party verification.

TTC Layer 2

The Second layer focuses on the smooth acquisition and use of TTC tokens through the Ethereum blockchain.
By setting the details of the token, it is possible to smoothly support the mainnet in the future, and also apply API interworking with other blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
This is the stage where the TTC platform is actually applied via Dapp.

TTC Layer 3

The Third layer focuses on the linking with affiliates, affiliate content, and payment agencies.
Various services can be connected through API interworking and it replaces them.
It includes various trading aids for liquidity management, such as cryptocurrency exchange trading, TTC's sales promotion, and TTC's use of affiliated content.


The TTC platform displays the value of the service or product and supports the purchase of the product through a TTC-only electronic wallet.
Transactions through the TTC platform are encrypted with blockchain, secured by scalability and speed through smart contracts, and supports various Internet service sales and instant payments through the provision of APIs.

Real-time asset status check

Interworking of TTC exclusive wallet with QR code scanning and unique address
TTC Assets Listed by ISP Account Information

Efficient payment of goods and services

Send TTC on the relevant ISP product or service in TTC exclusive wallet
Deduction of TTC-owned assets in the ISP account information and Interworking of historical information

Secure and transparent transaction information management

Store transaction information of TTC exclusive electronic wallet in Ethereum based blockchain
Store ledger information on the amount of TTC holdings between users on the blockchain

Global payments without zone restrictions

Payment environment using Ethereum-based blockchain transmission system
Preoccupying the leading position in the payment market through continuous alliances with commercial companies

TTC Tokens

Information on TTC Token and listed exchange.

Token Information

Foundation The TimesHoldings PTE. LTD (Singapore)
Token Type ERC20 based Ethereum
Total Token Supply 10,000,000,000
Token Name The Timeschain Coin (TTC)
Token Link TTC Token
Contract Address 0xaff4abdc75f07387401ba9bc0f75ebe4c734b4c9
Listing Exchange OFEX, Bit-z, IDAX

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OFEX USDT market TTC-USDT Bit-z BTC market TTC-BTC Bit-z ETH market TTC-ETH Bit-z USDT market TTC-USDT IDAX USDT market TTC-USDT

TTC Whitepaper

The Timeschain Coin composition background, platform description, and future development directions provided in detail.


Read the Whitepaper

Based on the TTC Platform and ecosystem, we aim to utilize various services in various services and alliances based on the TTC global network.

App Screen

Web Wallet

TTC Wallet is a web-based TTC wallet that can use easily in mobile or web environment. You can use TTC Wallet immediately after signing up.

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

We provide a roadmap for successful TTC Platform and Global Service deployment and delivery.

June 2019 Start TTC Project

TTC cryptocurrency production and white paper production, ecosystem planning, dedicated wallet development TTC cryptocurrency development project

July 2019 Introduction and disclosure of TTC Token
  • 1st TTC Token website
  • TTC Token Exchange listing
  • IDAX Exchange
  • OFEX Exchange
  • Bit-z Exchange
October 2019 Provide TTC API

Development of TTC API to connect with various services and affiliate networks

December 2019 TTC Global Service Network

Proceed network construction for TTC global service

March 2020 TTC Platform Launching

Launch of TTC Platform for TTC Alliance Service

May 2020 Start TTC ISP Service

Start TTC ISP Service for TTC Alliance Service

August 2020 Launch TTC Payment Service

Launch of TTC Payment Service for TTC affiliate service

Febuary 2021 Built TTC Global Service

Built TTC Global Services for TTC Global Network and TTC Global Alliance Services

April 2021 Start TTC Integration Service

Started integrated service for domestic and global service